Hello! I am a third year university student pursuing two degrees. I love coding but I also have an affinity for the soft sciences. Check out the rest of my site for more information! All pictures on the site are from my experiences.

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University of Texas at Austin Logo

The University of Texas
at Austin

BS in Computer Science
3.98 GPA

  • The Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin is one of the top undergraduate programs in the country. I am interested in cybersecurity and web development.
Plan II Honors Logo

The University of Texas
at Austin

BA in Plan II Honors
3.98 GPA

  • Plan II is a four-year interdisciplinary arts and science honors major with a core curriculum. This degree provides a liberal arts context to the computer science major.
El Paso High School Icon

El Paso High School
El Paso, Texas

Dual Language Magnet Program

  • Connecting Worlds is an innovative Two-Way Dual Language Gifted and Talented Program (GT) with the goals of achieving high academic excellence and dual language proficiency in Spanish and English.


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Technology Consulting Intern - Summer 2022

  • Performed mobile development for a major restaurant application using Angular, Ionic, and Cordova.
  • Implemented new functionality for order tracking by integrating third-party services in new ways.
  • Interacted with client stakeholders on a regular basis to facilitate dev-ops priorities.
Applied Research Laboratories Logo

Applied Research Laboratories

Honors Scholar Intern - Summer 2021

  • Analyzed and produced lidar dataset products on planetary lava flows using Python-based data science scripting with Anaconda package manager and GIS software packages such as ArcGIS.
  • Created graphical user interfaces using Tkinter to enable planetary geologists to continue studying planetary lava features using similar lidar datasets.
  • Managed and mentored a freshman computer science student.
Silver Bay Seafoods, LLC Logo

Silver Bay Seafoods, LLC

Salmon Seine Deckhand - Summer 2020

  • Worked as a greenhorn deckhand stacking lead lines, assisting in navigation, and performing minor engine maintenance on a commercial salmon seine.
  • Facilitated the capture, containment, and delivery of over fifty tons of freshly caught salmon.
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Logo

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

Trail Crew Member - Summer 2019

  • Worked through Americorps to construct and maintain hiking, biking, and equestrian trails throughout northwest Colorado to limit the ecological impacts and improve public access to wilderness areas.
  • Worked and lived with eight other crewmembers in backcountry wilderness areas. Learned leadership skills and team dynamics.


STEAMx Fiesta Logo

Virtual Reality Tiny House

STTE STEAMx Competition - 1st Place

  • Collaborated with architecture students to design, built, wire, and program a 3D model “tiny” smart home.
  • Implemented a python-coded GUI to wirelessly control lighting, temperature, and security of the tiny house with a smartphone.
  • Won first place at a city-wide competition and a cash prize of four thousand dollars.
Shakespeare in Glasses

Recherché Word of the Day

Personal Project

  • Uses Beautiful Soup 4 and the SMTP API to screen scrape a vocabulary word off of an online dictionary and send it to a mobile device.
  • This is possible through Verizon's mail-to-text feature, but could likely be adapted to other carriers as well.
HTML / CSS Icons

Personal and Professional Website

Personal Project

  • Learned HTML and CSS via an EdX online course. Leveraged those development skills to implement this front-end personal site from the ground up. Learned valuable web content and presentation tools in the process of this site’s development.


Intelligence Studies Project Logo

Texas Intelligence Academy

Texas Intelligence Scholar

  • Learned about U.S. intelligence through lectures by distinguished scholars and practitioners, moderated discussions, simulation exercises, and visits to intelligence-related sites and facilities.
UFA Logo

University Finance Association

Chief Technology Officer

  • Implemented an attendance and dues tracker using socket programming for communication, PyQT for interfacing and pandas for backend database searching.
Wrangler's Logo

Texas Wranglers

Class Secretary

  • Used custom JavaScript functions imbedded in Google Sheets to track class member data including service hours and member meetings.


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